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Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

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If you are low on funds and find yourself in need of decorating your place, there is no need to fear. It is possible to make a home look nice at a relatively small price point. The following will explain home decorating ideas on a budget.

Neutral Colors for Large Items

One way to save money on budgeting is by using neutral colors on large items. Things like your couch, floors, and walls should all have a neutral color. This will make adding a trendy color or accent easier with a pillow or candlestick.

If your new, expensive couch is the latest & trendiest color, it will be out of style within a year or two and you will be stuck with an outdated couch for a few years.

Reduce Clutter

One way to save money on decorating is by using fewer items. There is no need to have every corner and every inch of the wall covered by some type of decorative item.

Declutter because less is more when it comes to making a room look good.

If you feel like you already have too much stuff, sell some of it through a garage sale or eBay and use the money for needed items.

Make the Cords Disappear

Another way to remove distractions and improve the look of a room is to hide as many of the electrical cords as possible.

Whether it is a cord for a lamp, a cord connecting a speaker to a TV, or a charging cord for a mobile device, we all have a handful of cords scattered across the home. Tuck those cords away under or behind furniture or other out-of-the-way places to remove them from the line of sight.

New Paint Does Wonders

One thing that is relatively easy and inexpensive is to add a new coat of paint to the walls. The new color can change the whole vibe of the room and one gallon of paint is usually fairly cheap.

Just remember to use a neutral tone to easily match the furniture and the accent pieces that will be used in the room.

Repurpose Existing Furniture

Another task that gets overlooked but is typically easy for most homeowners is to repurpose an existing piece of furniture.

Some wooden furniture, like a chair or a table, can be repainted. A natural wood piece could be painted tan or white to brighten up a room, or a light color can be darkened.

Another idea is to simply add a slipcover over a couch or armchair. This is usually much cheaper than replacing the piece and can change the color scheme of a whole room.

If you are handy and like craft work, you can try replacing the upholstery on chairs or benches with a more modern fabric and pattern.

Introduce Some Greenery

Adding a bit of natural green to a room can help add not only some color but also a fresh new feeling to the room.

Potted plants with blooms are a nice touch, especially next to a window where the plant can absorb sunlight.

An attractive wreath can be used to add a splash of green and other colors to an accent wall.

And you don’t always have to use real plants and flowers. Many home-good stores offer beautiful artificial plants that can last for years with no maintenance.

Borrow from Experts

There are times when window shopping or perusing online ideas on sites like Pinterest or Instagram may create feelings of jealousy or envy. Instead, we should use the ideas for inspiration.

Check out upscale stores and the online accounts of top decorators. Look for their best work in a room like what you plan to decorate. Pay attention to things like the color scheme, the type of accents used to add flavor, the artwork, and other pieces of the room.

Once you have found something you like, it is time to start bargain shopping. Instead of buying the exact items used by the decorator, look for knock-off brands at local stores. Or see if you can find used items on sites like Mercari and eBay.

This can save you lots of money and get you the look that you want.

Freshen Up Hardware

Another small detail that can add major changes to a room is the hardware. Most of these pieces are easy to replace if you set aside one weekend and put your mind to the task.

Examples of hardware can be the knobs and handles in the kitchen for drawers and cabinets.

Another example is the drawer handles on dressers and nightstands.

You can also change out the hinges and doorknobs on the doors leading into a room to add a touch of color or to give a more modern look.

Use Accents to Change a Room

Accents come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used in multiple ways. This is one of the easiest, and cheapest ways, to redecorate a room.

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For example, you can change out the throw pillows along with one piece of artwork in a living room to add more color and change the feel of the room.

Or, for a dining room, you can add some candles with a complimentary centerpiece, and this can revive the room without the need to replace any furniture or wall colors.

An accent can be as simple as a throw placed on a couch, a new area rug, a set of books on a shelf that have a similar color pattern, or a few pieces of budget-priced artwork on the wall.

Add New Finish

If you are decorating a kitchen, it can be very expensive to replace the cabinets or the countertops.

One idea is to add a new finish to them, instead of replacing them.

It will take a bit of manual labor to sand down the cabinets, apply the primer and then apply either stain or paint. But the primer and paint are very inexpensive when compared to the price of a new set of cabinets.

This same approach can be used in a bathroom to change the look of the vanity and cabinets.

Change the Bedding

A way to liven up a bedroom and change the look is to simply change out the bedding.

A new bedding collection can be purchased from a variety of department stores and online sites. Most collections will include a bedspread, some pillow covers, and even a duster for the bed frame.

By incorporating new bedding to complement the existing wall colors, and adding a few accent pieces, a room can be changed with a few simple tasks.

Replace Window Accessories

This is something that can be done in almost any room. By simply replacing, or adding, window accessories, you can change the mood of a room.

One idea is to add blinds so that the amount of light can be controlled during the day. These can be either Venetian-style blinds or solid fabric blinds.

Another idea is to add drapes that accent a particular color in the new scheme for the room. The curtain rod can also be a statement piece based on its design, texture, and color.

Another option is to add shutters, based on a particular architectural style.

All of these options are relatively easy to complete and can be accomplished by most able-bodied persons.

Decorate Based on Proper Sequence

Regardless of the room or rooms that are being decorated, it is important to stick to a sequence of steps, in the proper order, so that the whole process is smoother for you.

First, you will need to identify your style. Some people may prefer a minimalist approach, others may like a busier system, and then there are things in between.

After identifying the style that fits your taste, choose the color palette.

Now that you understand your style and the colors you prefer, you can organize the furniture to suit your needs.

After the pieces of the furniture have found their new home, you can add things like a rug or some of the aforementioned window accessories.

Finally, you can put up the art and the accent pieces.

Following this set of steps will make each new step easier since you will be building on a foundation of the end goal in mind.

Stick To Your Budget

The simplest way to make sure you do not spend an excessive amount on the decorating project is to be on a budget.

Start by listing all the things you wish to change about each room. Do some research online and get some prices for the various items.

Next, decide on the things that HAVE to be done, compared to things that you WISH could be done. For example, if your current couch is missing a leg and springs are popping from the cushions, it sounds as if the couch needs replacing. Compare this to a set of drapes that may be tan or gray and you wanted something a bit brighter.

Once you understand which items are a necessity and which items are a luxury, you can determine an overall budget and stick within your means for completing the project.

Final Thoughts

By focusing on the right steps and making sure to change the things that need to be refreshed or replaced, you should be able to finish the decorating project without breaking the bank.

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