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12 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid On Moving Day

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There are lots of blog posts and videos online that provide best practices and moving tips for people that are planning to move.

Here is a list of moving MISTAKES to avoid and what you can do to hopefully stay away from some of these pitfalls as you prepare to change addresses.

Don’t Forget Your Overnight Bag

When you move to a new place, most everything gets packed away in neat boxes. Those neat boxes can feel like a climb up a mountain when you want to find your toothbrush or some clean clothes for the next day.

Pack an overnight bag with at least one complete change of clothes along with your toiletries. This will be much easier to access and make the transition much simpler for you.

This is also a good place to store your cell phone charger, extra set of glasses, and any daily prescription meds that you may need.

Moving Everything Yourself Without Pricing Other Options

Most people think they can save a lot of money by simply renting a truck and packing, loading & unloading all their stuff with the help of a few relatives and friends.

However, what is the total cost of moving? There is the fee for renting the truck, the price for boxes & tape & packing materials, the price of grabbing a quick lunch from a fast-food place, and another meal from a fast-food place for supper when you are exhausted. Don’t forget there is also the price of filling up that big rental truck with gas.

And what if you break something? What if you are not comfortable driving that very large truck? What if you accidentally cause a wreck on the road or collide with your new home? 

Look at all the different variables and factor in everything before deciding to move on your own.

Buying New Moving Boxes at the Last Minute

One individual cardboard box is not too expensive.  But if you end up buying 30 or more boxes, then you could be wasting some money.

Start by asking all of your relatives and your friends if they have any used boxes that you can have. Then look around at neighborhood businesses and see if they are throwing away any boxes in their dumpster. A drive to a couple of local establishments could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Not Having Enough Packing Items On Hand

This is pretty easy to do.  Most people underestimate the number of boxes, tape, and bubble wrap that they will need for their belongings.

One easy way to avoid this is to do a quick google search for “how many boxes do I need for my move?” Several articles will provide a rule of thumb based on the square footage of your current residence.

These articles will also recommend how much tape you need as well as bubble wrap and other necessary items.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Plan a Move

Planning a move involves changing your address for utilities like power, water, and internet. It could also involve hiring a moving company with 2 or more movers and at least one moving truck. These companies all work on schedules due to the sheer volume of work that they encounter.

For this reason, it is highly unlikely that you can call one of these providers today and schedule something within the next 2 or 3 days.

Instead, these companies are normally booking weeks, if not months, in advance.

Once you have a ballpark idea of when you will be moving, go ahead and start calling the movers and utility companies.

Planning will also give you time to go through your belongings and donate or sell off anything that you no longer need.

Get A Moving Estimate IN YOUR OWN HOME

It is a really good idea to get 2 or 3 estimates from local companies for the price to move you to your new location. It is BEST to get those companies to send a rep to your current residence and inspect your belongings for a fair price.

Mistakes cost time and money. If you tell the moving company that you have an average couch, and it turns out that the couch is 20% bigger than most couches, that is less room on the truck for moving other items which translate to more trips.

The same thing can be said for other large items like private safes, paintings, and oversize furniture like a piano.

Get someone to walk through your current place and give you a chance to describe what you need to get an accurate estimate.

Secure and Pad Things Within the Box

Putting a bunch of things inside a box then taping the box shut tightly is a recipe for disaster. Items can and will shift during the move and it may break something.

Cover fragile or breakable items with either paper or bubble wrap before putting them inside a box.

If you plan on putting a lot of things within one box, put some protection down in the bottom of the box like more bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Besides packing the items well and providing enough padding, there is also the issue of securing the actual box.

Most moving boxes and even boxes from stores for items like food and clothes will be weak towards the middle of the opening on the bottom as well as the edges. It is a good idea to strengthen all boxes along the edges and through the middle by adding at least one layer of tape, if not two layers.

Do Your Homework on Moving Companies

Earlier we mentioned that you should consider getting more than one estimate from local moving companies. Before getting the estimate, take some time and research each organization online.

You can look up each company on Google and check out the number of reviews. Yelp is another good place to check.

Also, visit their Facebook profile and see if anyone has left any reviews on that site.

Finally, check with the local Better Business Bureau and see if there are any major complaints.


This one, small item can make things move so much easier for you and anyone that is helping you to move.

You can purchase specific moving labels, or you can simply use a dark-colored marker to write directly on the box.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to put an easy-to-read label on the top and at least 2 of the sides of each box. Having multiple labels will save time from turning boxes around and over trying to locate that one, small bit of writing.

Don’t Pack Everything

This one cannot be emphasized enough. If you have lived at the same place for a few years, it is more than likely that you have some items you can get rid of and never miss.

Most of us have at least a few articles of clothing and some shoes that we rarely use anymore. And it seems no matter how much we try to declutter and clean, there are always power cords to items that we have not used in years.

Look through your items with a realistic eye. If it is something that you have not touched in quite some time and you are not even sure if you can use it anymore, consider selling the item or donating it to a local charity.

Getting rid of things now will save you the time of packing it up, it will save you space on the moving truck and it will save you money by not having to move the item.

Pay for the Insurance on Your Most Valuable Items

While it is true that most moving companies will offer some basic insurance on damaged items, this insurance only pays a percentage of the price of the item. If you have an item valued at $2,000 and the company only pays 60% in the event of any damage, then you will only receive $1,200 to replace the item.

It is wise to get the full value policy for your most precious and valuable items. Some could say the money is wasted if the company does a good job and nothing is damaged during the move. 

But others who opted out of the insurance and found out that their priceless heirloom was shattered would disagree.

Don’t Try to Muscle Your Way Through All the Heavy Lifting

One simple mistake like lifting a couch or chair can lead to a damaged back and possible long-term side effects. 

If you are doing most of the moving on your own, spend the money to rent a furniture dolly. 

These 2 wheeled devices can handle a lot of weight and will make it much easier for you to move large objects like washing machines, couches, and recliners.

Even better, they have rubber wheels so they will not leave marks on the floor.

Final Thoughts On Moving Mistakes To Avoid

These are the top moving mistakes to avoid when making your next move. Hopefully, this list will shed some light on the details of moving to a new location and help you be better prepared when you buy your next home.

Moving Mistakes To Avoid

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