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Things To Do After Buying A House

First Things To Do After Closing On A House

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There is no feeling like signing all the paperwork to purchase a home and holding those keys in your hand for the first time. Becoming a homeowner is definitely a rush and a major sense of accomplishment. Now that you have carved a piece of the world to claim as your own, it is time to get set up. Here are the top things to do after buying a house.

Replace the Locks or Get Them Re-Keyed

It is simply a good idea to start off fresh with new locks. Make sure the locks on all exterior doors are replaced or re-keyed by a locksmith. It is also wise to change locks on doors that lead into a garage and storage buildings. This puts you in charge of the property and keeps out unwanted visitors.

Place Mortgage Documents in Storage

Make an extra copy of the documents that you signed when you bought the home. Keep one copy off-site, such as with your bank in a lockbox. Keep the other copy at your residence. Invest in a fireproof box to store the documents. This should include the mortgage terms, deed, appraisal and home insurance information.

Change Temperature on Hot Water Heater

Everyone has preferences for their bath and shower temperatures. Take a few minutes to inspect the hot water heater and determine if it is set within your comfort zone. You can change it on your own or talk to a licensed plumber to help adjust the settings.

Change Access Codes on Alarm System

If the home has a pre-installed alarm system, take a few minutes to get familiar with the controls. Pick a code that is easy to remember and something that everyone in your house can recall. You may have to contact the previous owner to get the current codes or contact the manufacturer of the alarm program to get the codes reset.

Change Address with Friends, Relatives, Employer

Tell all your friends and family about your new address. This can be as simple as a text message via cell phone or an address notification card sent in the mail. Your employer and your creditors, such as credit cards and car loans, will also need to know about the new address. Financial institutions, such as the bank for your checking account and the retirement advisor that manages your investments will need to know where to send statements as well.

Get the Home Cleaned

It may sound crazy, but certain areas can hold germs more than other. Places like a hot tub, outdoor pool, or an indoor gym can be a harboring place for nasty bacteria. Get all of these cleaned by a professional.

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Size up the Windows

Before furniture and decor are moved in, take some time to get the sizes of the windows. It is easier to measure and makes installation of curtains, blinds or other coverings simpler. Getting the window treatments in place before unpacking can offer privacy during the move.

Update the Inside to Your Liking

Spend a few minutes looking over the interior. Decide now if you would like to paint any of the rooms, replace carpet or other flooring or change hardware on cabinets. These projects are much easier to complete when the home is empty, and you have space to work.

Meet the Neighbors

Take some fresh cookies around and meet the immediate neighbors. Introduce yourself and find out about the place. Neighbors will have tips about times of worst traffic, best spots for dining & groceries, and which families are open to play dates.

Final Thoughts On Things To Do After Buying A House

Getting settled into a new home should be a happy time in a person’s life. This checklist is merely intended to help cover some details that new homeowners might not have considered and a way to get acclimated to a new place with a positive first step.

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