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6 Easy DIY Weekend Home Improvement Projects

DIY Home Projects Ideas

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Updating a home can be a huge project that requires lots of time and money. Or, it can be fairly inexpensive and take up a few Saturdays and occasional Sunday. Here is a list of the top weekend home improvement projects to consider that do not require a lot of time or money.

Change a Lamp Shade

One simple way to make an adjustment to a room’s décor is to change a shade, or multiple shades, on lamps. Lamp bases can be purchased new from a variety of stores or you may find a vintage light piece that you like at a 2nd hand store or estate sale. Regardless of where the lamp base comes from, there are lots of shade options that can be used to modify its appearance.

If you are feeling crafty, you could make a lampshade by following a DIY tutorial found on an internet search. Make sure to carefully read the instructions and always follow safety rules when dealing with the electrical portions of the lamp.

Give Your Front Door a New Color

This is a common project for lots of people and the reasons are simple; paint is relatively inexpensive, most able-bodied folks can handle a paintbrush and it does not take long to paint a door.

You may choose a neutral tone, like white or tan so that the door looks clean and crisp. Or you may pick a bright alternative, like yellow or red, to set the door apart from the rest of the home. Just be careful. You may like the look of the door so much that you feel compelled to improve the overall front entrance too!

Create a New Centerpiece

Dining tables and coffee tables look so much better when there is an interesting centerpiece present. The centerpiece can be a medley of fresh flowers or an interesting container filled with fruit. If you prefer one type of plant or flower, you can make a centerpiece entirely out of that one vegetation rather than combining different items.

Paint Just the Shelves

Do you have shelves near your entranceway? Or perhaps there are some built-in bookcases in the living room? Rather than repainting all the walls, why not try to add some accent colors by painting just the shelves?

This can be a quick and easy project. Simply remove the objects on the shelves, cover the shelves with primer then paint. By choosing a complementary color to the surrounding walls, it will add a touch of highlight to the room without spending days working with a paintbrush.

Turn Your Fireplace Into the Center of Focus

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Step back and take some time to look at the fireplace. Could it be the main point of focus in the room? Perhaps a nice, large painting would bring attention to the area. Or you could paint over the bricks with a bright color, like a nice yellow, to make the fireplace contrast with the rest of the room.

Improve the Entryway

People spend more time decorating and placing furniture in the living areas of the home, while the entryway gets ignored. Now is the time to consider ways to make the entryway more appealing.

If space seems small, try a unique piece of art added to the wall. Some decorative pieces along each side of the artwork will also make the place seem nicer.

If your entryway is large enough, a nice table could be beneficial. The table can be the place to store the daily mail and keys on the way to & from the home. The table can also hold a decorative item or distinctive picture displays of family.

Final Thoughts On Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Some of these weekend home improvement projects may seem small and even insignificant. But owning a house is all about changing the place so that it feels good to you and reflects your interests and passions. Taking on some, or all, of these weekend home improvement projects, will give you a sense of accomplishment and create a sense of home that is unique to your place.

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